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20202 Signature Lawn Maintenance Contract

                              Re: Lawn care Services

               Dear Hawthorne Village Homeowner:

               A contract for services has been executed with the new lawncare company for the HOA, Signature Lawns.  Signature will be providing the following scope of services for Hawthorne Village for the mowing season 2020.  Signature will,  per the bid specifications scalp the turf area (A)  once, and mow, trim, edge, and sweep a total number of  

27 times.  They will mow and maintain the greenbelt area or turf area B a total of 14 times.  They will do a sprinkler opening and run through, making adjustments to the zones  as needed and will shutdown and winterize the system at end of season.  They will per the agreed upon contract be providing pre-emergent and post emergent applications of Herbicides and Fertilizers 6 times total.   They will maintain the common area beds to include trash pickup and small limb trimming as well as physically removing weeds and trimming shrubs as needed a total of 14 times.  The contact person for Signature will be Sharon Clevenger the HOA property manager and the account manager for Signature.  Please send any questions, concerns, complaints, or compliments to Sharon Clevenger, property manager for the HOA to the Michael Biddinger office at (405)236-4747 extension 29 or email

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