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The Hawthorn Village HOA Association is managed by Michael Biddinger Real Estate (MBRE)

The Hawthorn Village Home Owners Association Board of Directors is focused on making the operation of the Board as transparent as possible while making sure that you are provided the highest quality operation available. Through the evaluation and transition of the board, we have found that there are many moving parts to the association that require constant monitoring and attention. For this reason, the Board employs a management company with vast experience overseeing HOA’s to assist in the majority of operations needed to maintain the high quality of services. The management company will additionally allow the Board to have a consistent source for reliance in the event of board transitions or other issues that may need immediate attention. Michael Biddinger, Michael Biddinger Real Estate (MBRE) will be operating the association under the guidance of the Board. This creates an avenue for a faster and consistent responses to member needs and additionally saves the association expenses to other experts that assist with accounting and legal needs.