Hawthorn Village Homeowners Association


The Hawthorn Homeowners Association envisions our neighborhood to be an enriched and improving community, evidenced by a safe and congenial atmosphere. A vision exemplifying a desirable place to live, enhanced by well maintained properties with friendly, caring, and respectful neighbors.


  • To act ethically and courteously in dealing with other residents, guests, and vendors.
  • To prudently manage and protect the money that has been entrusted to its care based on sound financial practice.
  • To uniformly enforce its governing documents.
  • To develop and implement long-range plans for maintaining all aspects of the Hawthorn Village campus.
  • To perform the duties of the Board of Directors with transparency, integrity, and responsibility.
  • To communicate with clarity and in a timely fashion.


2nd Tuesday of Every Month @ 6:00pm – 7:00pm

Message from the President:

Please take the time to read the letter above from the Board of Directors with our official stance on the The City of the Village’s TIF plan.

~Allyson Collins

2023 Annual Association Dues Update:

2023 HOA Dues: $1,080 Due January 1st, 2023 or in the amount of $90 a month for 12 months.

  • Please send checks to Hawthorn Village HOA, PO BOX 20461, Oklahoma City, OK 73156-0461

Online Payments

*** All dues Monthly or Annually are due on the 1st of the month. Any outstanding balances that are uncollected after the 15th of January will be assessed a late fee and any further collection expenses will be assessed to the association member.

(Monthly payments should be paid by the 15th of the month to avoid a late fee)

If any member is not paid up, and has an outstanding balance, a late fee will be added for every month that there is an outstanding balance. (i.e. if annual payment is made in April in full there will be a late fee for the previous months). If any payments are missed for a monthly payment and not caught up a late fee will be assessed for every month outstanding.

Questions regarding fees can be directed towards our Association Manager hotline, they will be most helpful and timely to respond. ***

Help The Board Be Transparent!! – We Need Email Addresses!!

Why: The board wants you to know what is happening in the association and neighborhood.

How: We NEED Everyone’s Email Addresses. Please email updates to kendallphillips@mac.com

What: Get an e-Newsletter & Direct Communication on Major Issues in the Association.

When: We will periodically send out newsletters. We will send direct emails outside of the newsletter in extremely important situations where communication is timely and essential.

Michael Biddinger Real Estate Management:

  • (405) 236-4747 EXT 33 or ask for Natalie [Use this number for all issues or concerns]
  • 12020 N. Pennsylvania, Oklahoma City, OK 73120

2021/2022 Officers:

President and Asst Treasurer: Nancy Parrott

Vice President: Rick Torrence

Treasurer: Shevi Beketic

Secretary: Sydney Farris

2022/2023 Board Members:

Community Liaison: Sydney Farris

Mark Poole

Rick Torrence

Stan Kelley

This site has been set up to provide information to homeowners in the Hawthorn Village community, to enable them to provide input and feedback to the HOA Board and committees.

Please mail payments and correspondence to:

Hawthorn Village HOA, Inc., PO Box 20461, Oklahoma City, OK 73156

To contact the HOA Board or committees via email:


If you have any questions, comments, or ideas,  submit them here.